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Would You Wear a Diaper Under Your Wedding Dress?

I’m going to let you watch this dubious trend unfold for yourself while I visit the little girls’ room…

Okay. I’m back. There’s not a lot I can say about this twisted idea except eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww! Is this on your list of wedding accessories? Why would a woman want to walk around her wedding reception (or anyone else’s, for that matter) with a urine-soaked diaper just so she won’t miss a moment of her special day. It certainly would be a special day (i.e. something froze over) before I’d wrap myself in a diaper unless I was medically incontinent. Follow my logic…

The wedding is over and you’re in the honeymoon suite. Lovingly, passionately, slowly, the man of your dreams undresses you for the first time as your husband, carefully removing your wedding gown, followed by those sexy, white undergarments. What are the chances he’s had experience removing an adult diaper from a woman? What would you think if you were watching with delicious anticipation as your new husband got down to his skivvies, only to discover a diaper beneath his boxers? I don’t know about you, but I’d be laughing so hard I wouldn’t be able to find my cell phone to snap a few photos. Talk about killing the mood.

I trust all my readers have enough sense to select a wedding gown that doesn’t impair her ability to relieve herself. But forever more, at every wedding we attend, we’ll all wonder–does she or doesn’t she? Only her bladder knows for sure…

Posted by Susan Hawkins on Monday, Jun. 28th 2010 in Bride Advice, Wedding Favors & Decor, Wedding Gowns/Dresses, Wedding Planning & Ideas.

19 Comments on “Would You Wear a Diaper Under Your Wedding Dress?”

  1. Millie B. Says:

    I don’t know if most brides would but,I would definitely wear a diaper and some plastic panties. After my child (at 23), my already non-compliant bladder became even more demanding. The panties and undergarments are not saggy, baggy, leaky or uncomfortable, as I have worn them previously on numerous occasions when a bathroom is not around the corner. I am also a nurse and you can get all types of these undergarments all over the place, online etc…I use Northshore Supplier (even Walmart). Patients and millions of babies don’t complain about pee in a diaper, I would’nt recommend them for anything else unless there was a real disability issues present. My girlfriend wore some last year at her wedding, at my advice, and she loved it and used it. There was no leaking and she was able to change when the timing was more convenient. She also wore a small white plastic pant over because she was afraid of leaking, but she said there was none. You really should’nt judge w/o trying it yourself. I use them at Disneyland, Knott’s, theaters, long car drives, flights, etc…and always am glad for it. I will be wearing some on my second wedding end of this year with some plastic bikini panties from adult cloth diaper. I don’ have a real medical need, but my doctor knows and says its no big deal. I don’t know why so many people have such an aversion to this; is it taboo or did they have harsh childhoods; who knows!

  2. Amanda Says:

    I wore a diaper and plastic pants under my dress when I was in two weddings as a teenager. I also wore them for some a number of time for occasions at church. I didn’t mind wearing them for any of those times. I didn’t like it when my mother put me in them when I went to the prom. They didn’t stop me from fooling around though. My prom date help me take them off and put them back on before taking me home.

  3. Jaimie Says:

    I am a new bride,just married last june and i have a neice who’s 15 and a bedwetter.I borrowed one of her cloth bedwetting diapers and plastic pants that i wore under my very poofy gown.they fit me perfect and no one kne i was wearing them except my groom and mom.I felt secure and protected knowing that if i had an accident no one would know.The neice was one of my bridesmaids and she wore one of her cloth diapers and plastic pants under her dress also.My husband loved seeing me in the diaper and plastic pants on our wedding night.I feel brides should wear some kind of diaper under their gown to give them security and protection just in case!

  4. sapphire Says:

    Firstly I am a male happily Married and to be honest I have never read so much to put it politely nonsense in my whole life wearing diapers for first communion is fictitious and is a dream in the eyes of the poster. Unless you are incontinent there is no need to wear a diaper !. My wife never wore one and she went to the bathroom OK!please stop posting such in accurate posts surely you have better things to do that write fictional and fantasies?.

  5. LaceyAnne Says:

    Hi,i am 16 and catholic and will be recieving my sacrement of confirmation on May 15th.At my parish us girls wear a white,poofy,floor length dress with a veil,white gloves,white tights and the white patent leather shoes.Like our first holy communion dresses,our confirmation dress is considered an extension of our baptism dress or gown we were baptized in as babies.To symbolize the purity and innocence of our baptisms,we all wear a cloth diaper and adult size plastic pants under our tights with a white sleeveless under shirt or teddy as our top.I have my cloth diaper all ready made and the plastic pants to go over it and my tights and under shirt,as well as my dress,veil gloves and shoes.In my situation,the cloth diaper,plastic pants and tights symbolize our purity and innocence for our first communion and confirmations.My parish then recommends that the girls save their cloth diaper,plastic pants and tights to wear under their bridal gowns when we get married.

  6. clarice a. Says:

    I am 21 and getting married on May 21,2016.Please dont think i am weird,but i dont want my big day spoiled by an accident,so i am going to wear a size 8 pampers diaper with plastic pants over it under my very poofy gown.I have given my bridesmaids the option to wear the pampers size 8 also and 3 out of the four are going to wear one also.My two flower girls who are 10 and 13 will be in cloth diapers and plastic pants under their dresses,so hopefully there will be no embarrassing accidents during the ceremony.

  7. No name Says:

    Almost every post on this is obviously from some diaper fetishist (and likely the same one) who gets off of posting about adults wearing diapers under “poofy” dresses, and back to over a decade ago. Creepy.

  8. danielle Says:

    i was married three years ago and wore a depends with plastic pants over husband knew about it and it was no big three flower girls were 5,7 and 10 and i had them each wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under their dresses.

  9. megan Says:

    yes i would wear a diaper under my wedding gown.i have heard that kate middleton is wearing a bridal diaper under her gown that was specially made for her

  10. Morganna Says:

    I think my man would love it. He loves to”baby” me and I think terry-towelling, Pins and plastic pants would be best

  11. amanda Says:

    hi, i am getting married in may and my gown is quite poofy and with lots of crinolines.i am planning on wearing a disposable diaper with lace trimmed plastic pants over it for extra protection.i have other friends who were married in the past two years and a couple of them wore a diaper under their dresses as three flower girls are 7,8 and 11 and they are each going to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under their dresses as well.if the bride is diapered so should her flower girls be diapered also.

  12. chrissy Says:

    i am 15 and was a junior bridesmaid in my neices wedding last june.i am the type that gets nervous when i am in front of people and come close to wetting my neice knew this and after i was dressed,she told my mom to take me to the nursery and that there was a cloth diaper and rubber pants there for me to wear under my we went to the nursery and my mom put the diaper and rubber pants on me and i wore them the whole time.

  13. terry Says:

    My daughter was a flower girl in a wedding when she was 9.she made her first holy communion two years earlier,so i took her first communion cloth diaper and rubber pants out of the box and put them on her under her flower girl dress since the two outfits were almost similar.

  14. lucille Says:

    My daughter is 16 and will be recieving her sacrement of confirmation this comming May.It is a joint venture with two other parishes and being held in a cathedral.there will be almost 100 teens being confirmed that day so the ceremony will be over 3 hours long.All the girls have to wear formal.poofy,floor length dresses with a veil.elbow length gloves and white mary jane shoes.Mt daughter is the nervous type and i am thinking about having her wear a bridal diaper under her dress just in case.We have looked at disposable diapers,and they will work under her dress.For added protection,we talked about her wearing plastic pants over the diaper.Would this be feasible for her to do?

  15. lisa Says:

    My daughter all ready has her prom dress picked out and its floor length with a full crinoline under it.she told me she is going to wear a disposable diaper under the dress in case she cant use the bathroom.she is going to borrow her 15 year old nieces baptism rubberpants that the niece wore last easter vigil under her baptism dress and wear them over the diaper.At least i wont have to woory about her wanting to fool around after prom!

  16. Dianne Lien Says:

    Girls,be sure you know you husband to be very well before your wedding!Here’s why-I grew up in a very small town of 250 people in central wisconsin and was the only girl in my family with 2 older brothers.I met my ex-husband when i was 17 at a dance in our towns fire hall.he was 22 and in the national guard and doing his annual field traing at a base near my town.he was from madison and we hit it off right away and started dating.he would drive the 90 miles every weekend to see me.I didnt know it at the time that he had a fetish for rubberpants and after three months he showed me a pair of white super large size plastic babypants and told me the girls in madison were wearing them as a fad and that he wanted me to wear them also.being innocent and naive,i believed him and started wearing them when he came to date me.I wore them thru my senior year of high school and graduated in june of 1973 at 17 and turned 18,july 25th and we were married august 18th of 1973.he told me he wanted me to wear the rubberpants under my wedding dress,so i did.after that we moved to madison and lived in an apartment and he got me more pairs of the rubberpants.we were married only 6 and a half years and divorced as i didnt like him insisting i wear the rubberpants all the time.i learned the hardway!

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  19. Andrei Says:

    Too easy.We were all kids once, our parents ( those of us who tuenrd out ok) told us to siddown, shut up, brush your teeth, take out the garbage, etc…Those of us who became parents, now do the same thing to OUR kids, about 17x an hour.Seeing adults act like kids brings, the “oh, for heavens sake, siddown , stop that shit…” on like an autonomic reflex.Also some people are little proto-Stalins who get off on that, rather than just get dog tired and annoyed.

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